Apollo Salvatoir is a fun and fast-paced coming-of-age saga that follows the lives of two children as they discover their destinies.

Apollo Enrico Salvatoir was born into a life of privilege and fame. A growing business empire leads his father to hand off responsibility for raising Apollo to strangers who may not have Apollo’s best interest at heart. Apollo’s friend, a girl named Ling, comes from a family that is obsessed with the Salvatoirs and has a mysterious past.

These best friends find themselves abandoned in a foreign land that is not as safe as the one they grew up in. Surrounded by aggressive and potentially dangerous strangers, they must now overcome prejudice and culture to survive in this unfamiliar environment. To do this, both children must learn to master their minds and bodies while overcoming their fear.

In this expansive tale, filled with heart friendship and discovery, their destinies intertwine and eventually alter the lives of millions of innocent people.

Want to learn more about the Apolloverse?

Use the links on this website to learn details not shared in the books. Including short stories and deleted chapters.

This is the official website for author Hiram J. Bertoch, and his bestselling series Apollo Salvatoir. Updates regarding this series are posted here before they are disclosed anywhere else.

Book Two: The Paths of Diverging Serpetns

Book two is nearing completion, and I am excited to announce that it will be available for purchase sometimes in the summer of 2024.

Follow Apollo and Ling as their journeys bring them face to face with who they are, and with who they are becoming.

In Apollo Salvatoir: The Path of Diverging Serpents the saga continues.

Coming Summer of 2024