Welcome to the Lotus Room. This is a sacred place where only Dragons and Dragon Nestlings may enter.

The fourth and final precept of the Dragon’s Creed is that a Dragon must seek learning and knowledge throughout their lives. The Lotus Room is located at the top of all Dragon Temples. Above even the Lotus Statue. Signifying to Dragons the power that Truth has in lifting souls toward perfection.

Dragons seek truth and wisdom. They seek to learn, rather than to confirm myth. They seek to grow and expand their knowledge, rather than to remain in darkness. A Lotus Room is filled with books and scrolls spanning topics on science, literature, math, and history. Including the history of a village as kept by the Dǎoshī.

The Wyvern Spirits are said to call to Dragon Nestlings, encouraging them to spend time in the Lotus Room. It is believed that those nestlings who dedicate themselves to learning, ascend more perfectly toward unification.

Borrow A Book From The Lotus Room!

This is a place where you can learn about the world of Apollo and Ling. Articles, scrolls, and books are being added to the Lotus Room from time to time by the author.

Eventually, this library will include all of the notes, thoughts, and ponderings from the imagination of the author. However, in order to avoid spoilers, some works in the library will not be available until after it is safe to do so.

Spoiler Alert!
Before reading anything in the Lotus Room make sure you are up to date on the latest book! I do not share spoilers here until after the relevant book is published. Which means that you are safe, as long as you are current.
There are many spoilers on this page through the end of Book 1. But nothing beyond that!

What Is The First Scene I Imagined?

The very first scene, that gave birth to the rest of the Apollo Salvatoir Universe in my mind, is one that doesn’t get written until the third book. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will just say that it takes place in The Skinny Pig Grill. This part of the story played out […]

When Did I Start Naming The Characters?

This is an interesting question. Some of the characters have had names for many years. Other characters have been nameless but still well-formed in terms of personality. For example, Apollo and Ling have had names for as long as I can remember, but Tayleigh Salvatoir was just known as “Apollo’s Mom” in my mind. She […]

What’s Up With The Odd Capitalization?

You may have noticed that my story includes some words that are at times strangely capitalized. As an example, consider the following words: XuéThe X is always capital. ShI-DǎoshīThe i (third letter) is always capitalized. Though, it just now occurs to me that most readers probably think that is an L rather than a captial […]

Dude! You Said There Were Short Stories Here

Alright, I did say that. And the honest truth is, I have two that are written, but not posted yet, because they are still terrible. Soon though, I will be posting the story of Tayleigh Salvatoir’s death, and then another story of her funeral. I just need to finish editing them. I also have a […]

What Is The Symbolism of Flowers?

Throughout the Apollo Salvatoir story I use flowers to represent both the people of the world, and also the Dragons themselves. The people of the world are compared to lotus flowers, while the Dragons are assigned to serve as Blue Engrows, Orange Poppies, Green Dahlias, and White Lilys. Why did I use flowers? Like people, […]

Writing Tip: How Do You Create A Story?

Find the story that already exists inside your imagination. When you lie down at night, what is it that you think about? Where do you visit as you wait to fall asleep? Go there, and then see who (characters) shows up! Live and relive their adventures. By the time you have fixed all the plot […]

When Will Each Book Be Published?

This is an understandably important question, and an extremely difficult one to answer. Ideally, a new book would be published every six months. However, such a schedule is really not possible. I am a full-time science teacher, and can only write during my breaks. The Apollo Salvatoir stories mean a lot to me. I waited […]

Taking The Lóng Tiǎozhàn

The Lóng Tiǎozhàn was established very early on in the Dragon Order as a way of determining the worthiness of a Dragon Nestling to begin their training. Each temple can only accommodate 16 new nestlings per training season. However, most villages have a birth rate producing between 30-60 new children each year. Serving as a […]

The Dragon Tattoo

The dragon tattoo is a sacred symbol worn only by the most elite members of a village who have successfully passed the Lóng Tiǎozhàn, and been welcomed into the Temple as Dragons. Tattoo SignificanceThe tattoo connects a living Dragon to the Wyvern Spirits of all Dragons who have gone before. Thus, it is considered very […]

What’s The Deal With My Other Books?

While the story of Apollo and Ling occupy a very special place in my heart, I have written a few books outside their world. I did this for a few reasons, but mainly as practice. The first time I attempted to write the story of Apollo and Ling, I was ten years old, and the […]

When Did I First Write The Story of Apollo And Ling?

The first time I attempted to write the stories of Apollo and Ling down, I was ten years old. I spent weeks one summer, writing their adventures in a notebook. The story I wrote back then was largely the very same story that is in Shā-Shǔ The Dragon. Except that it started earlier in the […]

How Many Books Will There Be?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it really just depends on how much time I am blessed with to write their stories out. There is easily enough content in my head, including characters and detailed stories to write 20 books around the same length as the first as Shā-Shǔ The Dragon. The […]

Where Did The Idea For Apollo Salvatoir Come From?

For as long as I can remember I have gone to bed with stories playing out in my mind. My imagination has always been louder than the real world. I have often preferred to turn off a television show or radio program because the story playing out in my mind was more interesting than the […]