What Is The First Scene I Imagined?

The very first scene, that gave birth to the rest of the Apollo Salvatoir Universe in my mind, is one that doesn’t get written until the third book. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will just say that it takes place in The Skinny Pig Grill.

This part of the story played out in my mind, and expanded outward from there in both directions, toward the past and future. My little boy mind had to figure out why Apollo was in The Skinny Pig Grill in the particular circumstances that he was. I laid in bed and imagined the story further and further backward, and then further and further into the future.

Everything from The Dragon Creed, to the Dance of The Dragons, to the concept of Xué and Leheqis, to the Lóng Tiǎozhàn, to the use of flowers and trees as symbols, to fighting in the Nest, to villages… and all the characters, they all came from that single point.

I can remember being fascinated by this scene, and playing it over and over again in my mind, as I worked through the details of it and sorted out how such a scene might unfold.

When Book Three is released, I will do a follow-up post, and identify the specific scene.