Apollo spent the first year of his new life with the Dragon Order living down here in the Basement. Before being allowed to prove himself worthy through the Lóng Tiǎozhàn. The basement of the temple is where the kitchen and dining room are located, as well as linen and laundry. Some temples also have dungeons where prisoners are stored.

Why Is The Dining Room In The Basement?

It is not by accident that meals are eaten in the basement. Eating is a necessary but worldly pursuit. A Dragon Nestling is on a 16 year journey away from worldliness toward perfection. The need to eat, reminds them that they are still imperfect and mortal. Thus, even as they ascend, they must still regularly descend and care for their own mortality. The dining room is considered the least sacred part of the temple, though it is still sacred, and Dragon Nestlings are reminded that it still sits directly below the Lotus Statue. Thus, there is still an expectation of reverence when in this space. That being said, some quiet conversation is tolerated.

The Passageway Where Apollo’s Room Is Located

The small passageway that leads to Apollo’s room is a spur that jets off, underneath the Temple Grounds. This room is not directly underneath the temple, and was selected for Apollo specifically for this reason. As an outsider, they wanted to keep him as far away from the temple as they could, and as much as possible limit his time underneath the influence of the Lotus Statue.

It is also worth noting that his room, and that entire passageway are technically cells used to house prisoners. Though they haven’t been used in many years.


All Temple restrooms are located in the basement for similar reasons as explained regarding the dinning room. These restrooms are located in spurs that take the Dragon Nestling underneath the Temple Grounds and outside the influence of the Lotus Statue.