About Hiram J. Bertoch

Hiram J. Bertoch began writing in 1998.  His degrees in Biology and Earth Science, have opened the door, and allowed him to write a number of  articles that have been published by textbook companies, and educational resources both online and in print.

In the early 2000’s Hiram J. Bertoch wrote a series of educational storybooks that were very successful, and allowed Bertoch to hone his skills as a writer and also helped him discover that he enjoys writing stories as much as informational textbook articles.

His works have received numerous awards and recognition,  and have been translated into many languages.  These books and articles have been read by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  Mostly in educational niches.  

Bertoch worked as a middle school teacher for nine years and prior to that as an entrepreneur for 15.

He lives with his wife, children, and grandchildren in Charleston, WV.