How Many Books Will There Be?

This is a very difficult question to answer because it really just depends on how much time I am blessed with to write their stories out. There is easily enough content in my head, including characters and detailed stories to write 20 books around the same length as the first as Shā-Shǔ The Dragon.

The Main Story Arc
The main story arc which begins with the births of Apollo and Ling and ends when they are in their mid-twenties will take seven books to cover. The reason I know that this story will take exactly seven books is because I have already plotted the entire saga out chapter by chapter. My goal was to keep each book about the same length (no guarantees though) and so I sat down and went through the entire story from the births of Ling and Apollo until they reached a certain future point that I will not reveal at this time. Breaking that story out into roughly 70,000 word pieces resulted in their being 7 books.

Other Stories
There are many other side stories that we could also explore. One of my personal favorites is the story of Tengfei and Nui, which is only lightly touched on in the main story arc. In my opinion, their story is every bit as good as that of Ling and Apollo. There are also thousands of years of history filled with Dragon lore and stories, such as the founding of the original Dragon Order, and the future of the Dragon Order after Apollo and Ling’s deaths. I hope to tell some of these stories, while others will undoubtedly remain locked in my head.