What’s The Deal With My Other Books?

While the story of Apollo and Ling occupy a very special place in my heart, I have written a few books outside their world. I did this for a few reasons, but mainly as practice. The first time I attempted to write the story of Apollo and Ling, I was ten years old, and the story sounded terrible. I threw it away in frustration. Since that time, I have written stories, articles, and books, mainly as practice. I always planed to return to writing Apollo and Ling’s adventures down, but first wanted to improve my ability to write, so that I could capture their world more effectively.

Science Articles And Books
I have written thousands of articles that have been published across the Internet, and in textbooks all over the world. My degrees are in Earth Science and Biology. This gave me the opportunity to get a lot of writing practice. Among these were a series of educational storybook readers that featured a character named Nolan. Which were distributed to schools in the early 2000’s through The KidsKnowIt Network which was an education company I founded.

The Mountain Christians
The Mountain Christians was my first attempt at writing a full-length novel (as an adult). This book was a regional bestseller in Utah and sold several thousand copies. It is filled with grammatical errors… some of which make me cringe… but it is what it is. The story is the biography of my own great great grandfather. If you read it, know in advance that I left the story off in an unsatisfying place, and after a decade have never gotten around to writing the sequel. At this point, I am likely going to do another edition where I just write an epilogue rather than an entire second book.

Godfather Drosselmeyer
I wrote this storybook as an act of pure love. I have always been infatuated by the Nutcracker, its music, its dances, and so forth. The Nutcracker is something I start getting excited for in July. The story I wrote is based on the original book, except that it tells the story from Godfather Drosselmeyer’s perspective. I have taken some liberties, but I tried to keep it as true to the original as possible.

Malloroni And Cheese
This book is mostly just ridiculous poems that I have written over the years. One of which is named after a favorite former student by the name of Mallory. The Audible version is the only of my books that I have read myself.