Dude! You Said There Were Short Stories Here

Alright, I did say that. And the honest truth is, I have two that are written, but not posted yet, because they are still terrible. Soon though, I will be posting the story of Tayleigh Salvatoir’s death, and then another story of her funeral. I just need to finish editing them.

I also have a short story written that goes through a lot of Tan Far’s backstory, but I think that one I am going to save and put in as a chapter in a later book. If not, I will eventually post it here as well.

Other short stories will follow from time to time.

Why Write Short Stories Instead of Using My Time To Finish Books?

The dilemma I find myself in is that there is a lot more to the story than I can reasonably tell in a book, without the book becoming overbearing. As an example, in book 1, I could include both the short stories mentioned above. But, then it would take me another 10,000 words before Apollo and Ling made it to China. Given that book 1 really is about their assimilation into the Dragon Orders, and the death and funeral of his mother are just side trips, taking that long to get them to China would really slow the story down. As it is, I think taking three chapters to get there is still pushing my luck.

However, these little parts of the story still mean a lot to me. I have seen the scenes in my head thousands of times, and I want to share explore them with you. Therefore, rather than include them as chapters that get in the way of the flow of a novel, I instead offer them here as short stories for anyone who is interested in reading them. They are like deleted scenes from a movie if you will.

These short stories will never contain critical information. That kind of stuff will always make it into the books. Rather, they are just a lot of happy fluff that is interesting, but not really important.