What Is The Symbolism of Flowers?

Throughout the Apollo Salvatoir story I use flowers to represent both the people of the world, and also the Dragons themselves. The people of the world are compared to lotus flowers, while the Dragons are assigned to serve as Blue Engrows, Orange Poppies, Green Dahlias, and White Lilys.

Why did I use flowers?

Like people, flowers are complex and beautiful. Like people they are also delicate and fragile. A flower is one of Mother Nature’s greatest achievements! Few things compare to them in beauty. Not only do they look pretty, but they also smell nice. Everything about them evolved to make them attractive. In a long process that took billions of years.

Yet, a single flower can be destroyed with very little effort! The weakest animal can pluck a flower off its stem and in a single moment bring its life to an end. Additionally, in order to remain vibrant, a flower needs constant nourishment. It needs water, sunlight, air, and soil. The lack of any of these for very long will have a dramatic negative impact on the flower.

Humans are no different! We are beautiful! We are one of Mother Nature’s greatest achievements! We are complex, and everything about us is designed to be amazing. However, without proper nourishment, we wither. It is also very easy to destroy one of us.

It takes patience and great effort to cultivate a beautiful flower garden. Yet, the rewards are profound. Likewise, it takes tremendous effort to cultivate a decent, honest, compassionate person. But again, the rewards are profound.

I especially like the symbolism of the lotus flower, which I used in my stories to represent regular people. We all have our ups and downs. Sometimes we are in the mud, but other times we experience rebirth! None of us stay in the mud forever!

Short Answer:

I know of nothing in nature that can more adequately express the delicate yet beautiful nature of humanity, than a flower.