What’s Up With The Odd Capitalization?

You may have noticed that my story includes some words that are at times strangely capitalized. As an example, consider the following words:

  • Xué
    The X is always capital.
  • ShI-Dǎoshī
    The i (third letter) is always capitalized. Though, it just now occurs to me that most readers probably think that is an L rather than a captial I…

Why are they written that way? The truth is, I have no good answers. Wish I did, but I don’t. Ten-year-old boys creating stories don’t always have good reasons for why they do things! Honestly, I think if I remember right, it was a typo long ago, and I just sort of kept it that way. I began to see it that way in my head, and couldn’t change it, because it would feel wrong.

Blame it on a ten-year-old boy, and move on.
I got nothing better to offer you!